Mussel soup - traditional Holy Thursday

by Lidia Vitale

Tradition has it that the Holy thursday, the inevitable appears on Neapolitan tables "mussel soup“. E’ una delle ricette più diffuse per la preparazione delle cozze, insieme alla altrettanto nota “impepata”.

mussels soup Easter Holy Thursday
La zuppa di cozze

But what is its origin?

It is said that Ferdinand I of Bourbon it was tremendously greedy for seafood, and in particular of mussels, which he himself gladly fished in the waters under Posillipo and used to prepare according to a particular recipe invented by him.
But after banquets, delicacies of all kinds and a phase of reflection, he decided to heed the warnings that the Dominican father Gregorio Maria Rocco had been repeating to him for some time.
So he decided, at his suggestion, at least Holy Week, of do not overdo it with sins of gluttony.
He gave up on the best delicacies on his table, but there was one thing he couldn't do without: his beloved mussels.

And so, on Holy Thursday, before going to via Toledo for the rite of rubbing, the sovereign asked the court cooks to let him find one on his return tomato soup, mussels and strong pepper sauce.
The news and with it the recipe traveled far and wide through the city until even the poorest, who wanted to equal the great king, tried to propose it again on their tables, sometimes replacing the mussels with a poorer and more available food. , like the snails.
Tutt’oggi, il Giovedì Santo le pescherie napoletane vendono veri e propri kit per la preparazione della mussel soup, con tanto di freselle.

Lidia Vitale

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Bruno Giardiello 14 April 2022 - 20:58

Grande tradizione ma lo struscio si fa ancora ?

Bruno Giardiello 14 April 2022 - 21:01

Grande tradizione, ma lo Struscio si fa ancora ?


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