Silvestro, the poet of Port'Alba

by Federica Russo

Silvestro, the poet of Port'Alba

Silvestro, il poeta di Port'Alba

I'm intent on having one of those negative conversations you should never have on a beautiful day spring.

Port'Alba it is more frenetic than usual, full of foreign laughter, the scents of pizzas with a thousand tastes and colors.

But yet, it is not enough.

“Do you ever wonder what's the point? Being here, I mean. What sense does it make if the goal, after all, is it the same for everyone? That you have been what you have been, who cares? "

He is looking for words to say to me, the right combination of letters that can convey his innate nature to me optimism, but does not have the time to say nothing.

Between surprise and fear a man he takes me by the hand and leads me to a small table, next to one of the many stalls overflowing with books. He is dressed of all points complete with a waistcoat, a somewhat bizarre outfit considering the time and place.

His eyes, who safely investigate mine from the back of perfectly circular glasses, manage to curb all my questions.

As we stare, time remains suspended.

After seconds that seem to have lasted countless eternities, he scribbles something on a notepad, he detaches the sheet and hands it to me:





from the



Beside these hasty verses there is a name, Sylvester Path, and under a title that, in its simplicity, nowadays appears almost anachronistic: poet.

I thank him and a bit dazed I put the piece of paper in my jeans pocket. That he could have overheard our conversation is impossible, I tell myself. So how did he give me an answer? I wonder.

The eyes, it was them. Everyone knows that they are the mirror of the soul, but how many can really read them? It would be enough to observe them to understand them, a few lines are enough to help them.

If you pass by Port'Alba, look at Silvestro's eyes.

They are those of a sensitive soul who, not letting themselves be seduced by the possibility of a fame as immediate when fickle, have decided to discover them every day lives of the others.

-Federica Russo
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