The legend of the Hair of Venus Falls

by Cristina Bianco

Stories of Naples it is many things, it is also starting from the city center and traveling over 200km just to find out more about one of the many hidden beauties of our territories! We are talking about the waterfalls of Venus in Casaletto Spartano, in the province of Salerno. After kilometers and kilometers traveled in the middle of the mountains, completely immersed in greenery, after having crossed several ancient villages, here we are finally at the Casaletto Spartano waterfalls.

The Falls born from the revenge of the goddess Venus

La leggenda delle Cascate Capelli di Venere

We are located precisely in the Capello area, in the green lung of Cilento. And if the road traveled to get there seemed like a spectacle, imagine the rest! But let's go in order! The waterfalls we are talking about are the Capelli di Venere, waterfalls that arise from the waters of the Bussentino (tributary of the Bussento). particular name derives from the plant that grows there as luxuriantly as ever, the maidenhair plant, but we, in reality, want to tell you another story! One of the elders of Casaletto, in fact, told us the legend that revolves around these wonderful waterfalls It is said that, in fact, one day Venus decided to go to Casaletto, in this small green oasis to refresh herself from the heat and find some peace. She loved that place, she had made it her little secret place, her personal paradise.Every time she felt the need to be alone, whenever she just wanted to rest, she went there and lay down in the green to listen to the noises of the nature that surrounded it. One beautiful day, certainly less beautiful for our Venus, a shepherd found himself passing through those areas and noticed a splendid girl dancing.

An obsessive love

One glance and he fell madly in love with it, but it was not pure and simple love, it was a real obsession: every day, in fact, he went near the grove, hid behind a tree and spent hours spying on Venus. In particular, the young man was struck by her hair: blond, similar to gold, long and soft as silk to the eye. He wanted them more than anything else, and so it was, that taken by that uncontrollable desire, one night he decided to approach the girl and cut her wonderful hair. Venus, of course, woke up with a start, saw her attacker go away with her hair and immediately decided not to give it to him and take revenge for the offense! The shepherd, in fact, after running for a couple of meters, instead of the long hair goddess, only water found herself in her hands, water that inevitably could not be held back. This water, however, increased its volume more and more and gradually began to drown the unwary shepherd, who could not swim. Venus, however, was not an evil deity, was moved to hear the screams of that young boy and decided to offer him an opportunity for salvation. Understanding her love, but not being able to accept the aggression, she decided to transform it into a plant to be placed near the waterfalls born from her hair, so as to make him stay close to her, as well as to take revenge for his gesture. Thus it was that a Casaletto Spartano The Capelli di Venere Falls were born, a place steeped in magic from the very first step.


-Cristina Bianco



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