Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

by Federica Russo

Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

In Naples family art is a bit part of the DNA: Mario Naples, archaeologist to whom a section of the Archaeological Museum of Paestum has been dedicated and his brother Jacopo, director of the Conservatory and teacher of Riccardo Muti, are just some of the ancestors who have had more fame.

Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

The work created in honor of Pino Daniele, cited towards the end of the article

Doriana she is an energetic and sunny woman who oozes joy and creativity from all pores. We have been "chasing" each other for months and finally, after phone calls and months of waiting, he welcomes me into his home on an afternoon in early June.

He shows me all the rooms and, full of wonder, I think about how stimulating it must be to live surrounded by so much beauty: on each wall she shows me a painting made by her or her grandfather, on each shelf there is a miniature made by her father and next to the entrance she shows me a very "pop" style photograph taken by her brother Claudio, visual artist in New York.

We sit in the lounge and, a little embarrassed, she reveals to me that she has never had such an official interview about her work. For my part, I confess that I don't know how to ask serious interview questions, so let's start chatting.

From dad Vittorio, of which at the entrance there is a particular portrait in which shoes and hat "protrude" thanks to the papier-mâché, Doriana speaks to me with great affection: she had gone to an art school and was fond of drawing but, to support the family , yes

Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

Some of the jewels created by Doriana

he was employed in the oil refinery Mobil oil, now converted into a deposit. Despite this, he continued to fuel his passion and the four children had grown up between the smell of colors and turpentine.

Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

"Ianuarius nativitatis"

She tells me how it was impossible for her not to write in every theme having as a trace the work to do once they became adults to want to be "A famous artist or writer" and to have understood, after middle school, to want to go to art school. But his parents strongly opposed this decision, mindful of the turn his father's life had taken. So she enrolled in the Vico classical high school.

After high school, however, she had not let herself be influenced and had chosen the faculty she considered most artistic: architecture! And what a disappointment it had been to discover that, more than art, we were talking about mathematics! Nonetheless she graduated and worked as an architect for a while until, in the 1985/86 school year, she entered the class of a middle school like art teacher.

He enthusiastically tells me how beautiful it is to teach e to experiment various projects with the guys, how they make fun of her because she has an instagram profile!

Having found stability in her work, she had devoted herself to creating her own family, leaving aside his desire to create. Which it started again with a framework: the one located behind me.

I turn to take a better look at the huge panel: it is a painting with some embossed details representing a post apocalyptic vision of Naples to which the photos I took do not do it justice at all.

Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

The frozen city is framed on the right by the History (at the top right, among the numerous symbols present, the ashlar of the church of New Jesus) and left from Myth, recognizable thanks to the representation of the siren Parthenope.

Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

This bracelet was made from a shampoo bottle!

This return to art represented the beginning of a series of splendid projects. With the boys he had begun the production of some jewelry with plastic to recycle. The jewels had also met with some success among colleagues and she had an idea: why not introduce it to the project "Nursery woman" of the Municipality? He liked the idea and, on that occasion, he had the opportunity to meet Alessandra Papoff, engaged in the relaunch of the hand made pleats.Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

The theme of one of the project's exhibitions was the Neapolitan tradition and Doriana, to pay homage to her father, has decided to resume the production of some miniatures of the monuments of the city that he used to do. He reused his molds by adapting everything in a more contemporary key, also integrating a modern material such as plexiglas. The idea was then carried forward with the line "Art paths" who, with the inclusion of a road layout, also integrates his knowledge as an architect.

Artists of Naples: Doriana Napoli

A piece from the "Signs and Stories" series

She tells me that having to always create and participate in new things for her is a necessity, a need: after the monuments, the collection "Signs and Stories" gave life to the characters of the Neapolitan imagination: Saint Gennaro, O 'Munaciello, the Bella 'mbriana...

After the end of "Vivaio Donna", Doriana and other artists gathered in a group called "Creative connections" and organize exhibitions to spread their talents.

He also participated, finishing second, in an award in honor of Pino Daniele. In a corridor the work in question is exhibited: the words of some songs of the great musician are shown on small square cards and, highlighted in gold, there are those that gave life to the image depicted in the center.

I take my leave of this artist like that multifaceted with a promise: to see us, or at least to meet his latest creations, at the exhibition "Napoli Expò Art POLIS", at the PAN from 11 July until the end of August.



-Federica Russo
All the photographs were made by the author of the article.

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