The story of the twinning between Naples and Genoa, a friendship that lasted almost 40 years

by Francesco Li Volti

The football clash between Naples and Genoa was good 38 years old an excellent opportunity to love the game of football.

Two fans who embraced and met only in the name of common passion. A twinning so intense and felt by the fans, that it is the most envied in Italy and, above all, also the longest lasting in Italy. Both the stage of Fuorigrotta that the Marassi of Genoa, on the occasion of this special match, were transformed into two forts of passion and brotherhooda towards friendly supporters.

But this strong twinning does not derive from similarities between the two cities, of it legend of San GiorgioThe history of the sporting twinning between Naples and Genoa dates back to the 1981-1982 football season, year in which the Naples he finished fourth in the standings, thus lighting up the Uefa Cup.

The story of the twinning between Naples and Genoa, a friendship that lasted almost 40 years

How was the twinning between Naples and Genoa born?

Arriving at the last league match, Napoli had secured their excellent placement unlike Genoa, which risked relegation. AC Milan also played in a bad league that year, so much so that they were not only forced to beat Cesena but also to hope in the defeat of Genoa or Cagliari to guarantee their stay in Serie A. After two minutes from the kick-off, Briaschi gave Genoa the lead and at the end of the first half Milan lost 2-0 against Cesena.

In the second half the unexpected happened: Criscimanni and Musella's goals for the Azzurri turned the situation around. Napoli found themselves leading by 2 to 1 and bad news for the Grifone also arrived from the Cesena stadium: Milan had overturned the match thanks to the goals of "Shark" JordanCiccio Romano Roberto Antonelli. Milan was mathematically safe. Up to minute 86.

In fact, during the last minutes of the game the Neapolitan cheering began to incite the Genoa team to score another goal; the goal was to send the hated Red Devils to Serie B. The goalkeeper Castellini blatantly missed a throw-in giving, in fact, a corner kick to the genoans. The Ischian Affair he didn't think twice and stuffed the ball into the goal. The San Paolo stadium exploded; Milan had finally been sent to hell and Genoa were saved.

The Genoa team doctor on Dr. Gatto, emphasized that moment sealing forever the twinning between Naples and Genoa: "Heartfelt thanks to Naples because they cheered for us, it is a gesture that we will never forget ".

And today, later a break which took place in 2019, of this very long friendship we can only speak in the past tense.

-Francesco Li Volti

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