The Jazz & Piano of the Green Island

by Arianna Giannetti

The Jazz & Piano of the Green Island.

Il Jazz & Piano dell’Isola Verde

Aragonese Castle, Ischia

This summer tastes like Jazz!

The sea swells impetuously and it is easy to let oneself be rocked by its shapes, by its millenary backwash. A twist of the propeller is enough to jump from the metropolis, which rises incessantly, to this paradise.

Ischia, you know, it is the meeting place of young people and of nightlife, of nightclubs and summer invasions, of this bizarre humanity that, like grasshoppers, conquers every inch of the islet so ancient.

From the mountain Epomeo from the green tuffs you can embrace every inlet, every ravine, so that every breath of wind has the taste of the sea always with it.

The name of theIschia island it originates from the Latin term Pithecusa, which is linked to different interpretations: by many we mean in fact the island of Vases from Pithos or even some monkeys from Pithekos according to other theories taken from the books here and there.

But for quite some years, this large and beautiful green rock has been the scene of an evocative and bewitching event, which establishes a deep bond between the emerald waters of the coast and the deep gorges of the Jazz.

This year, precisely since 30 August to 3 September 2018, it will take place like every end of summer, the Piano & Jazz Festival of the Island of Ischia, which will welcome many guests and many artists among its most beautiful locations, such as the arena of Negombo, the Aragonese castle and the course of Lacco Ameno.


Il Jazz & Piano dell’Isola Verde

Piano & Jazz Festival poster


Among the most prominent personalities of this festival we find without doubt Enrico Rava e Danilo Rea Duo with special guest Gino Paoli, illustrious father of the Italian melody with only piano and voice, Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September they will perform the Sergio Cammariere -Trio and Fabrizio Bosso -Quartet, with their most exciting performances.

A bridge therefore from Chicago by Luis Armstrong and the cobbled path of the Castle, a perfect synergy between the rhythm of the Louisiana and one New Orleans, in which to immerse oneself as in a cesspool, and the solemn promontory of Sant'Angelo. All in a few hours infested with stars, improvisations, polyrhythms and blue notes.

It is always here, therefore, that the placid waters of the calanca mix with the most intense and abysmal progressions of the heaviest and most painful vocal music in history.

The Jazz it has in fact arrogant and tormented origins, it was born as vocal music, as a musical evolution of a slavery that had nothing but the voice. There Work Song, this was the name of this desperate way of reacting to fatigue, a human prayer, in those plantations light years away from every shred of salvation and forgiveness.



Il Jazz & Piano dell’Isola Verde

Luis Armstrong

The reign of the saxophone or trumpet, depending on the quartets and style, the reign of the piano and its dense pentatonic scales. A social and anthropological path that has explored the darkest climbs and descents of man.
He talked about it Amiri Baraka with Blues People e Zygmunt Bauman in the spasmodic search for the reasons that led to the clash and rediscovery of the slave society and liquid jazz.

Even today the Jazz it is music defined as cultured for a necessary knowledge of classical theory and in fact two primary conditions are observed: Il Blues, in 12 bars and the Song in 32 bars. The very soul of improvisation is in the melodic line and it is precisely there that the secret of jazz lies.

And as he said Duke Ellington:

"Jazz has always been like the kind of a man you wouldn't want your daughter to associate with".


I recommend, we are waiting for you in Ischia!


Arianna Giannetti


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