When Giorgio Gaber sang "tu vulive 'a pizza"

by Chiara Sarracino
When Giorgio Gaber sang "tu vulive & #039; a pizza"

The year was 1966 and on the stage of the Neapolitan Song Festival an unlikely couple performed that united Milan and Naples in an unforgettable musical story. Aurelio Fierro and a very young Giorgio Gaber they presented 'A pizza, the song that gave us the famous refrain:

But you vuliv'a'pizza a'pizza a'pizza
ca pummarola n'coppa
ca pummarola n'coppa

The story told in the song plays on the double meanings of a young man in love ready to go crazy to impress his girlfriend, taking her to the most beautiful restaurants in the city, offering her 'nu brilliant and fifteen carat, but nothing. She just wanted a nice pizza.
The text was written by Alberto Testa, while the music was by Giordano Bruno Martelli.

I spusaje you
'o neighborhood is a crowd of relatives
they did a lot of and cumplimente
I spusaje you
between invite and clapping
a cake 'and five flat
but tu vulive 'a pizza

The dates between the two lovers continue, but he just can't win her over. And even after the marriage, in front of a beautiful wedding cake, she only wanted one Pizza!

When Giorgio Gaber sang "tu vulive & #039; a pizza"
The album cover by Gaber

The song came second at the 1966 festival, as the jury awarded the legendary Sergio Bruni. Probably at the time the too "cold" accent of Gaber was not appreciated who, shortly thereafter, would have abandoned the world of pop to devote himself to song theater.

The victory of the song was instead consecrated outside the Politeama Theater, the place where the musical contest took place: the refrain began to be sung in every street of Naples and Aurelio Fierro even decided to make a tour in Japan to export the song in the people of the Rising Sun, who have always had a soft spot for Italian culture.
Fierro himself in 1996 even opened a place called "but tu vulive 'a pizza“, Near Santa Maria la Nova.

The refrain sung by Gaber in that distant 1966 became famous from New York to Tokyo, contributing to the international success of the brand Pizza.
The Neapolitan song, on the other hand, has once again proved to be a vehicle of culture and friendship between the cities of the world. On the other hand, it is no coincidence that the first verse of "O my bela madunina“, The anthem of the city of Milan, is a tribute to the music of Naples.

A diesen la canto la nass in Napuli
And francament g'han minga all tort
Surriento, Margellina tucc'i peoples
I avran cantà on million de volts

O my bela madunina

And this time, however, it was the union of two artists from Milan and Naples that made the refrain that celebrates the best food in the world.

-Chiara Sarracino

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