La Sibilla: the enigmatic magazine born in Bagnoli

by Beatrice Morra

Did you know that a Naples one is published every two months puzzle magazine, the Sibyl, which is among the longest-lived in Italy?

These days will enter the history of our country. Driven by force majeure, we all have to stay indoors as far as possible, for the sake of our loved ones, of Naples and of Italy.

Fortunately, we also live in a historical moment that allows us to keep ourselves in contact and above all intellectually active: during these days of isolation, you can read i books that have long been on our bedside table, you can download new ones ebook, then comparing themselves on social networks reading groups; you can subscribe to newsletter of publishing houses, devote themselves to a movie and comment on it remotely with our friends, build playlist shared and discover new music. Why, there is little to do: spending time in this kind of activity is always good.

To do crossword puzzle, for example, it keeps the brain trained and in shape; recurring studies from various Italian and foreign universities only confirm this cyclically.

Everyone knows it well, but fans of puzzle games; and above all the latter know that no, the crossword puzzle is not the only one, there are so many: for example, do you know what a bisense? It's a tellography?

No? We therefore advise you to visit this site:

What is it about? We tell you in this story.

The Sibyl

In 1975 Guido Iazzetta founds a Bagnoli a bimonthly magazine, The Sibyl. Yes, you read that right: 1975! We had mentioned, in fact, that The Sibyl is one of the longest-running enigmatic publications in Italy.

The revised Sibyl
The Sibyl

The name is naturally inspired by the Cumaean Sibyl. Endowed with divinatory powers, according to tradition the Cumaean Sibyl lived in a cave near Cuma; but, above all, she used to give, to those who came to her in search of help, answers and extremely cryptic. Therefore, in literature and in common sense the Sibyl has always been somehow associated with the concept of enigma.

The revised Sibyl

The Sibyl deals with puzzles classical: but what exactly does it mean? While the puzzles popular, for example that of magazines with a wide circulation, is based for the most part on crosswords and cross-puzzles, classical riddles are mainly based on a specific potential of our language: that of creating ambiguity and double meanings.

Between the pages of The Sibyl you will therefore find cryptographs, rebus, articles dealing with puzzles and the ludolinguistics (i.e. the branch of linguistics that studies i puns) but also poetic and epigrammatic texts and, of course, riddles.

There are not a few famous names who have contributed and participated in the drafting of the numbers of The Sibyl: from Bartezzaghi a Umberto Eco, from Roberto Vecchioni a Francesco Guccini, from the Forest wizard a Nicola Piovani, from Frankie hi-nrg mc a Paolo Conte.

Even one is organized every year Feast of the Sibyl, during which subscribers, supporters and other fans of puzzles gather - this year, in particular, the party should be held in Pompeii from 30 May to 1 June.

So how about using this time at home to practice and become a part of this world just in time for the festivities?

Beatrice Morra

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