The Bagni della Regina Giovanna, a natural swimming pool

by Laura d'Avossa

In Capo Sorrento there is one of the most evocative archaeological sites of the Sorrento peninsula: i Baths of Queen Giovanna. Unknown to many, it is mostly visited during the hot summer months. A real immersion in unspoiled nature, between history and legend. After a path of about 10/15 minutes it is possible to freely access a cliff overlooking the sea. From here you can admire a breathtaking view that captures all the gulf of Naples, a spectacle of colors at sunset. For the adventurous, preferably equipped with shoes, it is possible from the rocks to immerse yourself in crystal clear waters and admire the rich marine fauna.

Bagni della Regina Giovanna
Bagni della Regina Giovanna, at the end of the path


The nature reserve was frequented over 2000 years ago by the ancient Romans. In fact, the remains of an ancient Roman villa from the 1st century stand on the promontory. BC, attributed to the noble Happy Pollio and mentioned in the first writings of the Roman poets Horace and Stazio. The vast structure extended for about two hectares and consisted of a villa by the sea and one domus with agricultural function. But the undisputed protagonist of the place is the bay surrounded by the cliff and connected to the sea only by an opening in the rock, a natural arch through which the sun's rays pass. A real natural swimming pool with emerald-colored water and not very deep. In fact, it seems that between 1371 and 1435 it was one of the favorite holiday resorts of Joan of Anjou. The name of the bay owes its origins to the queen of Naples and her hidden loves. In fact, it was said that the sovereign went to that heavenly place to meet with her lovers away from prying eyes.

I Bagni della Regina Giovanna, una piscina naturale
View from Villa Pollio Felice

The Baths of Queen Giovanna and the cinema

In 1955, I Bagni della Regina Giovanna was the theater and meeting place for the protagonists of the film "Bread, love and ..." interpreted by Sophia Loren e Vittorio De Sica.

How to get there

The Bagni della Regina Giovanna can be reached by car from Sorrento. Alternatively you can use the bus starting from the square of the Vesuviana in Sorrento.

Laura d'Avossa

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