The plates of Stories of Naples in the Borgo Orefici

by Francesco Li Volti

Stories of Naples made it! We have finally left a mark, a real mark in our city. If you happen to stroll around the historic center, stretch out a little in the Borgo Orefici area, behind Corso Umberto I, and you will not regret it.

You can look, but above all read, the stories and curiosities that live in this area. Such as? But it's simple, don't worry, now we will explain it to you. Just raise your head and you will immediately notice the plaques. "What plates?"- you may be wondering! But ours! Here you will be able to read in detail everything there is to discover behind this project.

The plates of Stories of Naples in the Borgo Orefici
One of the plates of Stories of Naples at Borgo Orefici

Yes, we at Storie di Napoli, thanks to theNational Youth Agency and the Borgo Orefici Consortium, and under the patronage of Municipality of Naples, we have posted for the whole area of Borgo Orefici ben 30 tablets that tell the forgotten stories of this area. From forgotten crucifix of piazzetta Orefici, to the story of Urania (the first woman on the moon), up to Giuseppe Marotta, the author of "The gold of Naples". You can also read us through the Qr Code placed on the plates. Yes yes, you got it right, we have also become technological.

The inauguration of the license plates

Everyone was present at the inauguration on 11 July: from the Organizing Committee of the Borgo Orefici initiative, to Mayor Luigi De Magistriis to the President of the National Youth Agency Domenico De Maio, journalists, TV, locals, but most of all, with all due respect, we were there.

We who have been studying for six years, spend sleepless nights, discuss and then write for you. To spread the culture and history of Naples to everyone. Nobody excluded. Free of charge, with passion and with the spirit of those who always want to learn.

So this goal is for you, for each of you who read and write to us, who comments on us, who hates us, who loves us. Each of you has allowed our passion to go on, without limits, without fear. It is not easy to stand out in a city where everyone is terribly in love with it, and we, thanks to your support, are growing, we are maturing. We are also one of the many stories of Naples.


We are a group of young people under 30, therefore simple guys, who combine their time, their passions, their studies and their jobs, with the passion for Naples. We are all in love with Naples, we all have the same goal. And this license plate is only the first step towards a change that is involving the whole city.

Yes, because we see it. We are all noticing that in Naples the air has changed. We all notice that people are thirsty for culture and traditions that unite us, that have distinguished us over the centuries, that have changed the face of our magnificent city.

We are all of us, all of you, all together the change in Naples. So full speed ahead, spread your passion for our city to anyone, keep reading and following us. And who knows, soon you could also find our plaques under your building! Don't be surprised, in Naples there is a story behind everything you see or touch.

Because Naples is like this. Infinitely (and historically) beautiful.

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