The story of Zì Peppe and the beauty of simple things

by Yuri Buono
Zì Peppe
Zì Peppe

There is a corner of paradise a few meters from hell.
There is a corner of Beauty a few meters from squalor.
There is a corner of Silence a few meters from the noise.
Masseria Pigliuocco, to Lavorate di Sarno, is all of this and perhaps even more. And if it continues to be, it is thanks to the continuous and constant commitment of the family Montoro and, in particular of the progenitor Zì Peppe.

Everyone calls it that now, and to put it to Bellavista "he is a mythological figure, half man and half river".
Yes, because just a few steps from the lands "worked" by his family, flows the Rio Santa Marina, one of the three sources of crystalline water that flows into the Sarno river, the river that a little further on will become that mixture of black water and foul-smelling sewage that, even today, cries out for revenge!

The story of Zì Peppe and the beauty of simple things
Rio Santa Marina

Who is Zì Peppe?

Zì Peppe is there, every day, takes care of the family garden, the animals, keeps the whole area clean, controls and supervises it. He never moved from there, except twenty years after a short working period a Praise, where in little more than a year he made himself appreciated in the workplace, but risked his life for a badly done tonsil surgery. The humidity and cold of those areas then aggravated his pathology, to the point of forcing him to return. And it was his salvation, because Zì Peppe has the serene face of one who knows that this is the place that God wanted for him; it has the health of someone, almost eighty, it seems 'nu guagliunciello and he is lucky enough to really eat only what he grows.
In all these years he has managed to create an uncontaminated place of truly unique nature and biodiversity. 

Aromatic plants, flowers, vegetables, vegetables, all combine to make this extraordinary little Eden, until a few years ago even more complete e luxuriant. <<I am sorry that I am no longer able to hear the unique and wonderful song of the nightingale and the blue tit, exterminated by thieving magpies and crows. What I would give to be able to listen to them again. If he asked me 'nu million I t "or desso, I was enough of and ssentì n'ata vote' and sang, so I remember 'and when I was a little boy and I was saddened to hear them' and sang>>.The story of Zì Peppe and the beauty of simple thingsPoet, scholar of folk dances, much to be invited to Rai 2 to dance in front of millions of viewers, the evening goes around festivals and events of the neighboring municipalities to carry on the ancient tradition of e agro nocerino sarnese and ...the girls are waiting for him to dance together< <Che ce pozzo fà? Quelle mi aspettano per ballare e io ballo e I can stay for hours to dance without feeling tired, because 'a tammurriata is' in my life >>.

This is Zì Peppe and this, in short, his story ... many have written about this enchanted and enchanting place, about the aromatic herbs produced and the San Marzano originals that he still holds ... I tried to tell you about a place, where man and soul merge, where you can discover that some yellowed leaves, if well preserved, become parchments and you can write on them, as zì Peppe does when he gives one of his poems; it is a bit like the destiny I would like for this article, when he will no longer be there, to help keep forever the memory of what he has done for this place and which cannot be lost.

-Yuri Good


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