Diego Maradona, the best ever

by Federico D'Addato

“I want to cry, holy Dios. Long live el fútbol. Barrilete Cosmic, what planet did you come from? Why is the country a clenched fist, shouting for Argentina? Thank you God, for the football, for Diego Maradona, for these tears, for this Argentina 2-England 0. "

These are the words of Victor Hugo Morales during his commentary on Argentina-England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

The one just described by the chronicler is defined as “The Goal of the Century": Diego Maradona runs, attacked by two English opponents, holding the ball between his feet, overtakes them in speed, enters the penalty area where he is closed by the defenders, skittles for its talent.

He continues his gallop towards the goal, is put down but manages to score, gets up and rejoices. All the teammates shout with him, the whole stadium.

All Naples.

Everything that happens in the seconds leading up to the goal is exactly the parable of the life by Diego Maradona, il Human Dios.

Diego Maradona, il migliore di sempre
Diego Maradona represented by the Neapolitan artist Jorit in San Giovanni a Teduccio

Diego Maradona and Naples

If a deep love for football still exists today, it is due to the impossible things that this sport knows how to react to its fans.

The "football of our fathers", the most loved and fascinating still today is exactly this, the realization of dreams.

The president of Napoli, Corrado Ferlaino, after a twelfth place in the championship flies to Barcelona, wants to buy, despite having no liquidity at that time, the 23-year-old Argentine talent who experiences his tenure in Spain and with colors blaugrana.

After a long negotiation, the 4th July 1984 sixty thousand Azzurri fans were at the stadium for the presentation of the phenomenon: "Good evening Neapolitans“, Were the first words of the Pibe de Oro.

Always clear and precise in his answers, Diego Maradona never made any secret of his target principal:

"I want to become the idol of the poor boys of Naples, because they are like I was in Buenos Aires.".

Two championships Italians, one Italian Cup, one Super Cup Italian, one UEFA Cup signed eternal love between Maradona and his followers fans.

The feeling, always reciprocated, totally exceeded the limits not only of soccer and of Sport, Diego Maradona became the symbol of Naples how Totò, i De Filippo, Troisi o Castel dell'Ovo.

Even Luciano De Crescenzo in "Thus spoke Bellavista”He wrote (and recited) something that only a Neapolitan can think of, which is halfway between paganism e wedding ring:

“San Genna ', don't worry. You know, I love you, but 'na finta' and Maradona squaglie 'or sang rint' 'and veins! "

Represented as a figure among theman and the Divine, Diego Maradona in some ways was Naples.

His version "Human“, fallible, limited, sometimes instinctive, is probably the most striking part of the sensitivity of game lovers.

It is the strongest component of a boy than a Buenos Aires he had grown up to the extreme poverty, in difficult contexts, but, as with the goal against England, without realizing it, he was able to get up again.

That boy, become man, of small but powerful build with thick, black and curly hair he had, in 90 minutes per week, all enchanted.

On the size divine of his crystalline talent there are no comments and discussions.

Arrigo Sacchi, the most successful coach in the world during the years of Diego Maradona's stay in A league, in a manner laconic and no frills helps to understand the dimension and the height of the Argentine champion:

"Playing against Maradona is like playing against the clock because you know that, sooner or later, he will score or score."

If in human form, therefore, he exalted that part of the city of Naples that was not resigned to being labeled as "City of the Camorra", forced to suffer choirs e insults in background racial, in shape divine was the glue.

Diego Maradona, il migliore di sempre
"Since sport is a faith in Naples and Naples a religion, Maradona is its prophet"

Fans from all neighborhoods betrayed their favorite teams to see that genius for whom a patch of land was more than a large estate. Some confused him with God, and when you are little more than a child you have no reason to question the opinion of grown-ups.

Jorge Valdano

Only Naples could have hosted Maradona, which other cities in the world could have represented genius and the recklessness, the magnificence artistic and the suburbs full of poverty of the time.

There legend di Diego feeds himself every day, even when in a courtyard the kids playing with each other continue to scream "Pass it, you're not Maradona!“.


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