The Neapolitan New Year's Eve dinner: tips for a traditional menu

by Yuri Buono

Who remembers the scene of the film "December 32by Luciano De Crescenzo with New Year's barrels? Here you are, we replace the barrels with plates and we can feel the same emotion.

Let's discover the menu of the New Year's Eve dinner in Naples.

We start with oysters, marinated salmon, “taratufi” and canapés garnish with all the goodness of the sea.
The first continues on the same line: vermicelli with seafood or with a lobster give her delicate meats, but tasty and dal intoxicating scent.

Pasta con telline cenone di capodanno napoli
Pasta with seafood for a New Year's Eve dinner in perfect Neapolitan style!

The battery of fries

There is no respite and here is the battery of the fried food: capitoni, salted cod, paranza, but there are also those who add to it anchovies but yet " 'and mmurzelle 'and stocco”, Who are nothing but gods pieces of stockfish which were obtained after the trader had obtained the fillet steak ('or curuniello) from the "scella". They came sold at a much lower price compared to stockfish, but they also served to make the poorest families celebrate with gusto.

It also continues with a nice piece of stockfish in white with olives to lighten the grip for a moment, which is immediately resumed, however, with lemon broccoli e bracing salad.

Cavoli e scarole

We arrive at midnight

Fresh fruit, dried fruit, and if we are already close to midnight, what to do? Eat as well cotechino and lentils, or interrupt the New Year's Eve dinner, toast with traditional sweets and sparkling wine and eat after dish considered auspicious?

Do as you like: so much was the cotechino created at the beginning of the sixteenth century by the citizens of Mirandola, near Modena, at the time of Pico della Mirandola to better preserve the meat of the pigs, during the long siege imposed on the city.

Freedom! In fact, one thing is certain. As 2020 went, I believe that in all families they will put themselves into practice the superstitious rites of the whole world just to chase away the sadness of a year that has made us all more fragile.

dolci di natale strega
Neapolitan Christmas sweets and a nice glass of Benevento Strega!

The wines of the New Year's Eve dinner

Last note, but not least: the choice of wines. From Campania we can not help but advise you to use local wines, both in the version dry (Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo or Lacryma Christi), and in the version sparkling wine.
In bubbles, now, even our wine scene has specialized, both insuring excellent refermented in autoclave, both sinuous classical methods or even, ancestral.

Just enter the name of the Campanian vine that you like best, add the sparkling wine method chosen and… you will find some beautiful ones!

Uncork, friends, uncork! Make noise, because "species that this year”- as the great Enzo Cannavale said to the late Riccardo Pazzaglia - <<the Eternal Father has not (become) deaf, but (has) distracted>>.
And we hope that this wholly Neapolitan irony, combined with an ejaculation that is also entirely Neapolitan, can produce the desired effects.

Yuri Buono

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