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I giardini della Reggia di Caserta: un viaggio nel paradiso terrestre

The gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta: a journey into the earthly paradise

by Laura d'Avossa

The gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta have an extension of ben 120 hectares, with a length 3 kilometers, with waterfalls and fountains whose waters come fromCarolino Aqueduct.

The works began in 1753, with the architect's ambitious project Luigi Vanvitelli. Unfortunately, its author never managed to see his finished work, he died even before the first fountain in the garden was installed.

Giardini della reggia di caserta
The wonderful perspective from the Royal Palace
Fontana giardini reggia di caserta
The fountain that closes the perspective

The gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Castelluccia

The Bosco Vecchio, which existed before the construction of the Palace itself, is evidence of the previous family that owned the site. Immersed in the greenery there is a very particular construction: the so-called Castelluccia. It was initially built by the will of the Caserta prince Matteo d'Acquaviva as a tribute to his bride Maria Francesca Pernestain. Then in 1769, the sixteenth-century tower was changed into a sort of miniature fortress for the military fun and education of the royal princes. So right here the future king Ferdinand who was just a child at the time enjoyed pretending to ambushes, sieges and even simulating real fires. After the years, now grown up and become sovereign, Ferdinando thought of a new transformation for the site. Thus it was that in 1818 it became a place of delight and amusement. The castle was transformed into a belvedere, a place of entertainment embellished by a garden, while the surrounding barracks became pavilions for cooking, lunch and coffee.

The castelluccia

The English garden and the park of Venus

Moving to another point in the park, you discover a completely different environment from the previous one: in the English garden there is in fact a lava stone cave. In this place, Vanvitelli's idea was to recreate the suggestion ofancient Pompeii that at the time of the construction of the Royal Palace of Caserta, was emerging from the excavations. In reality, the environment is not completely the result of reproduction. In fact, the cave contains authentic archaeological remains: the ancient statues from the Pompeii excavations and from the Farnese collection.

finte rovine antiche giardini della reggia di caserta
Fake ancient ruins
I giardini della Reggia di Caserta: un viaggio nel paradiso terrestre
Statues taken from Pompeii in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Crossing the cave you then arrive at the most evocative glimpse of the park: the bath of Venus. This place, wanted by Queen Maria Carolina, looks like a natural Eden, in reality everything is the product of studied construction. In the waters of the lake the goddess Venus, sculpted in marble by Tommaso Solari. This place was the real intimate casket of Queen Maria Carolina in which, it is undeniable, you can breathe a dream atmosphere.

Bagno di Venere
One of the most evocative parts of the gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta
Bagno di Venere
The bath of Venus

Laura d'Avossa

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