Why do they say "If I know 'rrotte' and giarretelle"

by Anna Barone

Between De Laurentis and Sarri "If I know 'rrotte' and giarretelle", between Eduardo and Peppino "If I know 'rrotte' and giarretelle".

Breaking of the giarretelle
Breaking of the giarretelle.

What are the Giarretelle?

There Giarretella is a feminine noun that derives from giarra (with etymology from Arabic ğarra, passed into Spanish and Provençal jarra and in French jarre), which, usually of earthenware or glass, was used for storing wine and other beverages, offered to friends on the occasion of visits.

The saying

The metaphor is precisely this: if there is a continuous, daily family relationship between two families, when one goes to visit the other it is not necessary to use the good service for refreshments. The crystal cups, the porcelain service of Capodimonte, should be used when distinguished guests arrive. Between intimate people, between true friends, it is sufficient to use everyday glasses, "the giarretelle".

So "The giarretelle are broken”Is equivalent to saying that a friendship has been broken, an intimate and affective bond - in a broad sense - symbolized precisely by those containers displayed at the right moment to honor it. Sometimes, the proverb can also be referred to for an occasion in which, after having been so patient, one person can take it no more and tells another everything that he would have liked to express and that instead he has often kept to himself. In this case, reference is made to the consequence of the breaking of the jug, whereby everything contained in it pours and spreads around, just as an impatient person unleashes himself in a river of words.

Picturesque expressions to define a fight

There are many ways to indicate a fight or a relationship breakup:

 They did the black cross - they definitively ended their relationship by putting a black cross on it.

N'stufficata - a sticky between the two friends; a struggle, usually physical, but also only verbal. The funny thing is that in Italian appicci-care means to glue, therefore the exact opposite of colliding.

Nu cuntrasto - between the two friends there was nu cuntrasto, a fight but probably recoverable.

Na Sciara - if I know how to discard the two lovers.

Na cuistione - they discussed a topic for a long time; they took na cuistione (as Eduardo said at Christmas in the Cupiello house of the cuistione between daughter and husband). Nothing serious for the moment. If, on the other hand, thecuistione continues it could become Na uerra (war). So if they break 'and giarretelle!

These and other extraordinary tales and sayings in the book of Amedeo Colella "Handbook of Neapolitan".

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