Ndunderi di Minori: let's not call them gnocchi!

by Chiara Sarracino

Say the word "gnocchi"On the Amalfi Coast is equivalent to committing a crime. The 'ndunderi of Minori, in fact they are a typical dish of the divine coast which only in appearance is very similar to its Nordic relative, but it has a completely different story and perhaps even from the most ancient roots.

They are also different in taste and size: sit on the terraces of a restaurant in Minori, with a nice plate of ndunderi, tomato and mozzarella (recipe that we also find in ... Sorrentine gnocchi) it is a joy for the eyes and for the taste. Their flavor is a lot decided, much stronger than potato gnocchi. It is in fact a flour mixed with curdled milk, now replaced by ricotta.

A recipe for Santa Trofimena

The history of the ndunderi of Minori is shrouded in mystery. There are those who claim that they even are children of the ancient Romans, who, on the other hand, traces them back to a twentieth-century recipe, a bit like scialatielli.
What is certain is that the pasta-making tradition of the coast is a story of excellence, a direct relative of that of Gragnano. The Amalfi historian Ezio Falcone, maximum expert in the history of local gastronomy, explains that both sides are right.

Everything was born in the archives of the Abbey of Cava de 'Tirreni, one of the most important cultural centers of Salerno: the tradition of mixing flour with rennet and eggs certainly dates back to the time of the Latins or at least to the Middle Ages. The modern recipe, on the other hand, was rediscovered and codified only in the twentieth century.

Ndunderi di Minori
The ndunderi prepared by Hungry Breathless Academy

How to prepare Minori ndunderi

The dough is imagined for 4 people: 250 grams of fresh ricotta, 3 egg yolks, a tablespoon of grated pecorino, salt and pepper, 200 grams of flour.
Initially, pecorino, egg yolks, salt and pepper are mixed. Then the flour is added and everything is worked until a compact and soft dough is obtained, which is divided into many balls.

To have a size of the balls, you have to imagine them about three times larger than common potato dumplings.

Once the ndunderi have been made, they must cook in salted water for about 20 minutes, then they can be seasoned with the classic tomato and stringy mozzarella. In some original recipes, the gravy is closer to the

But there are many other recipes, such as those for example "Of the old farmer" or those "pre-Columbians“, Without the tomato. And not only: every restaurant in Minori will certainly offer us its version, made with chefs' sauces and fantasies: one more excuse to visit our magnificent Amalfi Coast.

-Chiara Sarracino

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