The legend of the marina of Acquamorta, the Phlegraean port overlooking Procida

by Nicoletta Pezza

Geographically twin of the almost homonymous island "opposite", the locality of Monte di Procida it hosts - together with the various panoramic points - the suggestive port of Aqua Dead.

Acquamorta, "down to the sea"

The Acquamorta marina, located as often heard by the Montesi family "Down to the sea", it is in fact one of the meeting places where the locals take refuge in practically all months of the year for a walk on the wharf, a dip from the rocks or simply to "greet the sea" at the end of the day and listen to the sound of the waves up close.

The port of Acquamorta

A destination for walks, races and youth competitions - always an ideal stage for shows, filming, summer games and village festivals - the marina preserves and gives back to its passers-by the possibility of a moment of leisure and break in which to savor the sunset brighter capable of coloring even the grayest day with warm shades.

The characteristic name of the place probably derives from the harbor structure, whose waters are rarely troubled thanks to the shelter of the major ones phlegrean islands and fromIslet of San Martino, with which Monte di Procida was once connected through a bridge that is now half-destroyed.

The legend linked to the name of Acquamorta

The "shield" given by the presence of the archipelago, however, would not have saved the protagonist of the history which gives its name to the promontory. In fact, it seems that the name of "Acquamorta" derives from a legend little known, which gives a particular atmosphere to this apparently timeless place, which exercises its charm unchanged on "strangers" and villagers and which represents an escape route to the sea, freedom, the utopia of a summer always handy.

The legend, handed down by the locals, tells that the daughter of a rich landowner, Waterfall - pushed offshore during a swim and saved from the boat of a young fisherman originally from Procida - from that moment on, she will try to meet him again every day, waiting for him at the beach, until the young man is overwhelmed by a storm and never returns. According to the legend, after an exhausting wait, the same girl would have reached him by going towards the water, the element that most of all conveys the idea of life, where everything is perpetually mobile and uncertain and where, therefore, we meet and often get lost.

Long via Marconi, the winding road that leads to the port, there is a war memorial that reminds us how that sea, so apparently calm and peaceful, carries with it the memory of those who have left for an infinite journey, a bit like Ulysses ... and above all, of those who have suffered, waiting for his return.


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