The Abbagnale brothers, the gold of Pompeii

by Francesca Horse

The story of the Abbagnale brothers is there story of a dream that comes true, however, first passing through the path of sacrifice, dedication, effort and work. Together they made the history of Italian rowing.

The Abbagnale brothers, the origins of the great athletes

The Abbagnale brothers are one of many sports pride of our land, with great dedication they dedicated themselves body and soul to the sport they loved, the boating, bringing the gold home. The fate of the young brothers without the help and encouragement of their uncle, passionate about rowing, who later became a technician of the Italian Rowing Federation, perhaps it would have been another.

Gianni Minà and the Abbagnale Brothers

In fact the boys' family was a family of farmers, and their help was crucial to the work in the fields. But the boys had some really intense days. The alarm was at five in the morning, ran 5 km to get to Castellammare of Stabia, they trained and went out in a boat to row, another 5 km to go home and then go to school. When they returned they had to help the family in the countryside.

The dream

Giuseppe and Carmine Abbagnale are certainly one of the stronger weapons and famous in the history of rowing, while Agostino Abbagnale was world championship winner and the medal at the Olympics in the quadruple scull. Together they competed for thirteen seasons, bringing this little-known sport into vogue.

The commentaries by Gianpiero Galeazzi, during their victories and, among the many that there were at the world championships in Munich, Lucerne, Copenhagen, the one that most remains in our hearts is the victory of 1988, at Seoul Olympic Games.

Galeazzi's commentary at the Seoul Olympic Games

The Seoul Olympic Games are one of the most celebrated and victorious sporting memories ever. In fact the Italian rowing won in all its expressions. The first was Agostino Abbagnale, who won gold in the four pairs, very shortly after the two pairs was grabbed by Giuseppe and Carmine, making an entire nation triumph.

These three sportsmen have been celebrated all over the world, in fact on the occasion of the 2012 Olympic Games in the United Kingdom, three subway stations were dedicated to the three brothers, "Hounslow East“, “Hounslow Central","Hounslow West“.

Their extreme dedication has been told by documentaries and interviews and above all by the 1992 miniseries "An Italian story", which celebrates the life and the great sporting triumphs of the Abbagnale brothers.


'An Italian story ”, by Stefano Reali 1992

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