Freed, a successful mystery

by Umberto Rusciano

A captivating sound, a mysterious identity, a young and contaminated language, Liberato has all the ingredients for success. In fact, it quickly became an unprecedented viral phenomenon, a breath of fresh air in the Neapolitan and Italian music scene, also appreciated in the rest of the world. Let's go over the elements behind success.

Image from the video clip of "9 Maggio"

May 9 and Tu t'e 'scurdat and me

The Liberato myth was born on 14 February 2017 when, on the Youtube channel of the same name, the first video clip was published: the now legendary 9 May. The skilful direction of Francesco Lettieri follows a young girl through the streets and popular places of Naples, all surrounded by an innovative sound and the voice of Liberato who sings almost entirely in Neapolitan. Precisely 9 May will become an iconic date over time, an annual event, during which the public knows they will be surprised by the artist. It is in fact on May 9 of the same year that Liberato's second great success is released: You are Scrudat and me. This second single has a fast pace, a mix of Neapolitan and English, and follows the love story of two lovers, played by Adam Jendoubi and Demetra Avincola, who will also be the protagonists of the following video clips of "Intostreeyou "I love you so much". The real novelty, however, is represented by the first, cryptic, presence of Liberato himself in the video, shot from behind and hooded. The third single will instead be released on September 19, 2017, on the evocative day of San Gennaro: Gaiola Lucky charm.

The first historic concert

Song after song, the success and the love of the fans increases more and more and the public begins to ask for more; will be satisfied on 9 May 2018, with a historic free concert, always announced as a surprise in a cryptic way on the web. About 20,000 people flocked to the Seafront Caracciolo driven not only by the passion for his sounds, but also by the curiosity to try to see a face under that hood. The skilled Liberato, however, managed to preserve the mystery and, at the same time, not disappoint his fans with an unforgettable concert. Not one, but 4 Liberato are present on stage, with the "real" arriving by boat directly from the sea and confused with the others once on stage.

Liberato, the first self-titled album and Liberato II

On 9 May, this time in 2019, Liberato launches his self-titled first album. It is made up of a set of great and unpublished hits, enhanced by Lettieri's video project "CRV - Capri Rendez-Vous“, A series of 5 episodic video clips that follow the story of two lovers who meet and meet again in various stages of their lives, all with the backdrop of Capri from various eras, each episode characterized by a different directorial and musical style. Three years later, but always on the iconic date of 9 May, he will release his second album, Liberato II, creating, as with every new announcement, great interaction and virality.

Cover of Liberato II - from the official fb page

Hypothesis and mystery

Over time the aura of mystery around the mysterious hooded singer has thickened more and more, becoming a game between the artist and the fans, who formulate the most complex hypotheses, which are often fed by Liberato himself. One of the most famous hypotheses wanted him to be a guest of the Nisida juvenile detention institution, due to the sound of a crank siren and the name itself, "freed" from captivity, as well as his arrival by boat at the concert; according to other hypotheses Liberato would have been, according to various versions, with the time Calcutta, Livio Cori or even Robert del Naja of Massive Attack. These are, of course, all speculations and no one knows the truth. But, by now, the true identity of this viral artist is irrelevant. Liberato has managed to create a movement, a cult, to bring a new sound and new lymph to the modern music scene, without tiring and achieving unprecedented success for such an ambitious project.

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