Mia Martini and the Neapolitan song

by Umberto Rusciano

Mia Martini's voice you would recognize among millions. A warm, biting, powerful voice, an instrument through which Mimì was able to convey thrilling emotions. One of Mia's main features was in fact the extraordinary intensity of interpretation of the pieces he sang, making his performances moments of rare poetry and magic. Born in 1947 in Bagnara Calabra, a small town in the province of Reggio Calabria, it has always been linked to its southern roots and has always been in love with Naples and the Neapolitan song.

Difficulty and rebirth

After a career that began lightly in the Italian “yèyè” scene, it finds its dimension in interpretations of greater intensity and depth. Find her style and she quickly became one of the most popular artists in Italy and Europe. However due to backbiting and personal problems, Mia in 1983, he decides to retire from the stage. She falls into a deep depression, taking refuge in the Umbrian countryside and withdrawing into herself. The light of his talent and his smile will shine again in 1989 when in Sanremo he returns to the stage with At least you in the universe, winning the critics' prize and reaffirming his crystalline talent, greater than any gossiper.

Mia Martini
Mia Martini during the performance in Sanremo '89

Mia Martini and Enzo Gragnaniello, a successful partnership

After his great return, Mia Martini has a musical renaissance. His Neapolitan period also begins, thanks to his friendship with the great artist and author Enzo Gragnaniello. As he himself told, after having met her at a show, he began to compose songs for her, that he was happy to be able to try his hand at it in passages in the Neapolitan language. Mia, in fact, loved Naples and Neapolitanism: in the most superstitious city of all, she had always been loved unconditionally and well-liked, perhaps because they are very similar, a city and a woman with a great soul and with a big heart; she was also a great supporter of Napoli, friend of Maradona, he often went into curves to follow the Azzurri.

Mia Martini
Mia Martini and Enzo Gragnaniello

Martini Mia e My Race

Enzo Gragnaniello will write beautiful pieces, made unforgettable by the incredible interpretations of Mia Martini. In 1989 it comes out Martini Mia, the artist's thirteenth album, which has its own single "At least you in the universe“; among the various pieces, however, there is also "Statte Near Me“, In which there is a refrain in dialect. the real leap is however in 1990 when, in the album My Race, Gragnaniello composes for her "Go to 'Marechiaro“, A modern and sunny song, almost entirely in Neapolitan. in 1992 it was instead the turn of The Argento came out, contained in the album Tears; the partnership Martini - Gragnaniello pleases the public and has fun, continuing to amaze, with Mia Martini who has now regained her enthusiasm and he feels more and more part of the Neapolitan musicality.

Mia Martini
Mia Martini was a huge Napoli fan

Neapolitan tradition and Murolo

Hearing songs in Neapolitan by Mia Martini is like listening to the voice of a daughter from that city: an impeccable accent, unmatched determination and intensity. Mia's voice and world of singing seemed to fit perfectly with those of Mia tradition. In fact, in addition to producing new songs, she launches into unforgettable covers of some legendary songs, which he performed in some live shows. Among the masterpieces she interpreted there are Reginella, Black Tammuriata, O 'Marenariello, Red Moon. From his collaboration with Roberto Murolo, she herself will become part of the musical tradition. It's 1992, Roberto Murolo will turn 80 and, for the occasion, he will release the album "Eighty Desire to Sing”In which there is a piece composed by Gragnaniello and interpreted in a duet with Mia. Success is immediate and extraordinary, the piece and the interpretation will be destined to become a cult ed one of the most famous songs in Neapolitan language ever.

Mia Martini e la canzone napoletana
Mia Martini and Roberto Murolo

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