What to do on the Amalfi Coast: 7 unusual proposals

by Gerardo Russo

The Amalfi Coast is famous all over the world. There are many postcard images that are part of travelers' memories or that continue to inspire new journeys. But the Divine always manages to surprise even the most loyal visitors. What to do on the Amalfi Coast? We offer you some activities to experiment to discover the deep coast, the one that reveals itself a little at a time and with a closer look, beyond the most famous landscapes.

1) Visit Albori, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

It is part of the network of Most beautiful villages in Italy. Hamlet of Vietri sul Mare, Dawn it extends in the upper part, connecting a group of quiet houses with the mountain paths and the beach of Marina d'Albori, reachable at the end of a classic coastal staircase. The panorama from Albori is enviable, but it is in the alleys that you immerse yourself in the enchanted life of the village, stuck to them to suddenly open up in a square where everything can gather, a legacy of the defensive needs that the urban planning of the past had to take into account. Among the traditional commercial activities of the village we find a historic bruschetteria.

Cosa fare in Costiera amalfitana: 7 proposte insolite
What to do on the Amalfi Coast? Visit Albori.

2) Paddle to Pandora's Cave

Only by sea is it possible to reach the Pandora's cave, off the coast of Maiori. By renting a kayak you can reach the spectacular coastal cavity in about 10 minutes. This is a large crack in the rocky wall, capable of accommodating large boats which, unfortunately, insistently pass through the area, breaking its balance. The cave is studded with stalactites and the water gives various shades of blue. Along the rocks around the cavity we find spectacular routes for the discipline of Deep Water Soloing, a form of free climbing practiced on cliffs.

Cosa fare in Costiera amalfitana: 7 proposte insolite
What to do on the Amalfi Coast? Reach Pandora's Cave, Maiori by kayak.

3) Returning children among the murals of Figlino

Figlino is one of the 13 hamlets of Sunsets, the green lung of the coast. Here a street artists festival was organized, dedicated every year to a different theme of the Disney fairytale universe and beyond. The recipients of the festival were the children of Tramonti and neighboring countries. Over the years the event became more and more complicated to organize, to the point of being interrupted. The many shutters still decorated with murals depicting the characters of fairy tales remember him. A moving contrast with the very quiet central street of the village, where the voices of children are not heard.

Cosa fare in Costiera amalfitana: 7 proposte insolite
What to do on the Amalfi Coast? Discover the murals of Figlino, Tramonti.

4) Sip a Lemon spritz in the square of the smallest Italian town

In a bar in the small square of Atrani, already very small municipality, was invented in 1997 on Lemon spritz. It is a drink that originally provided a base of lemon granita with sparkling water, but which was transformed by adding prosecco with notes of vodka and limoncello. The idea of adding alcohol came to a customer, a sign of the contamination of fashions and cultures that happened and is happening thanks to the travelers of the smallest municipality in Italy. A cocktail shaken with the Amalfi style.

Cosa fare in Costiera amalfitana: 7 proposte insolite
What to do on the Amalfi Coast? Take a lemon spritz in the Atrani square.

5) Time travel among the giant ferns

In a special Amalfi valley, where the climate is reversed and the water flows clear, they survived the glaciations of the giant ferns, dating back to the Cenozoic, 65 million years ago. Southern exposure, high rocky ridges, sea currents and lots of water create a small oasis in the heart of the coast. We are in Valle delle Ferriere, to Stairs, where the vegetation follows other rules and makes fun of time.

Cosa fare in Costiera amalfitana: 7 proposte insolite
What to do on the Amalfi Coast? Immerse yourself in the Valle delle Ferriere, Scala.

6) Slip into the Grotto of the drapes

Furore, nicknamed the "town that does not exist" due to its particular vertical extension, it hides some truly suggestive caves in its territory. Starting from the paths of Bomerano of Agerola you can easily reach the area of Caves of Santa Barbara. We are at the foot of the ruins of an ancient monastery, of which today very little can be identified, between frightening and gigantic rock cavities. Among the many there is, however, a very small one, more or less on a human scale, the Grotta dei Drappi. You can easily get inside, one person at a time, to find yourself surrounded by stalactite folds that slowly change color in sequence. A small work of art of nature.

Cosa fare in Costiera amalfitana: 7 proposte insolite
What to do on the Amalfi Coast? Venture to the foot of the Santa Barbara Caves, Furore.

7) Catch pistrici between the churches of Ravello and Positano

The Pistrice is a sea monster with a dragon's head and a snake's tail. From it would derive the monkfish, an animal symbol of the Coast, whose inhabitants mix both peasant habits and others related to fishing. We are between sea and mountains and it could not be otherwise. The monster, the protagonist of a biblical episode, we find represented a Ravello both in the Cathedral and in the church of San Giovanni del Toro, but also on the bell tower of the church of Santa Maria Assunta a Positano, where he is also accompanied by a… monkfish.

Cosa fare in Costiera amalfitana: 7 proposte insolite
What to do on the Amalfi Coast? Follow the story of the angler fox.


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