Luciana Pacifici, deported when she was less than 1 year old

by Imma Galluccio

Our Naples is famous in the world for its numerous firsts, but sadly we have one that we could have done with less. Luciana Pacifici, Neapolitan by birth, she came deported just eight months in a concentration camp why Jewish. A little girl like many who knew her at that time brutality and the measurability of man, that yes makes it powerful doing the bad to the others. A little girl she's been to removed the possibility of to live and of fight, prey to a regime he did not know compassion.

Who was Luciana Pacifici

Little Luciana was born on May 28, 1943 in Naples, from one Jewish family. There mother era Neapolitan and her name was Elda Procaccia, il father Loris Pacifici instead was Livorno, but grew up in Viareggio. The little girl's family was forced to escape soon from the Neapolitan city, subject to continuous bombing by the Nazis.

They went up the Peninsula and yes took refuge in Lucca, more precisely a Cerasomma, where they could not escape the fury of the racial laws, eventually being deported. The Pacifici family, to save themselves, started one negotiation with the Germans, offering a large sum of money for their release, but everything it was in vain. The December 6, 1943, after yet another Nazi raid in the Jewish ghetto, the family of Luciana Pacifici began the long one voyage towards Auschwitz.

The transfer of Jews to Poland was carried out through a first selection, not all in fact were able to resist to the terrible conditions and to the poor hygieneand to which they were forced during the journey. Many people they died, this was the tragic fate of little Luciana who was only eight months old he died of starvation by train to Auschwitz, where however as soon as she arrived she would be sent to gas chambers.

THE children in fact, they were considered not able to work and therefore directly killed as soon as they arrived at the camp, unlike the twins that instead were saved, only for carry out diabolical experiments there.

The tributes to little Luciana

Luciana Pacifici, deportata quando aveva meno di 1 anno

In the ancient district Borgo Orefici, was dedicated a road in honor of Luciana Pacifici, the smaller victim of racial laws. The marble plaque that gives the street its name was inaugurated on November 17, 2015 and remember all the Jewish children they have unfairly lost his life during theHolocaust.

The street, before the name change, was named after Gaetano Azzariti. Italian jurist very important, who was not only the second president of the constitutional court, but also the president of the tribunal of the race, one who condemned the Italian Jews.

Via Luciana Pacifici is the undisputed symbol of memory, the memory which remains indelible in the streets, but above all in the history which must not be forgotten and on which it is necessary reflecttrying not to commit the same terrible mistakes.


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