What to see in Portici: 7 attractions not to be missed

by Silvio Sannino

Today we will give you some tips on what to see in Arcades, a charming town not far from Naples, which has recently rediscovered the great value of its cultural heritage. City once used as a place of holiday of the royal family and numerous members of the Neapolitan patriciate, presents a very rich architectural heritage, strongly characterized by heredity eighteenth century of the Baroque and Neapolitan neoclassicism.

The city of Portici, apparently center of minor importance, however, played a role of central in numerous events in southern history, just think of its involvement in the events of 1799, or even the asylum granted to the pontiff at the palace of Portici Pius IX, exiled in 1848 and placed under protection of the royals of Naples.

eighteenth-century view of the port of Granatello

What to see in Portici: The museum center of Pietrarsa

On the border between Portici and San Giorgio a Cremano there is one of the most famous museums in the province of Naples, if not the entire Campania: the railway museum of Pietrarsa. It was one of the largest steel poles in thePre-unification Italy, as well as the flagship ofBourbon industry.

Today, after a careful work of retraining, hosts the State Railways museum. For his historical importance e scenic beauty the former factory constitutes another excellence from the south, no longer industrial but cultural, attracting thousands of tourists a year. There is to be bewitched by bbeauty of the place, both from a museum and landscape point of view.

Cosa vedere a Portici: 7 attrazioni da non perdere
interiors of Pietrarsa in Portici

What to see in Portici: The Vesuvian villas

The portico villas have been, throughout the history of the city, one of its largest boast. From the viceroyalty until the early 1900s, numerous noble and bourgeois families, as well as the royal family itself, had great regard for the urban heritage of the city, building wonderful housing complexesthe. In addition to representing an element of great architectural impact, the villas nevertheless have a marked ideological and historic significanceo: each villa results be the physical projection of power over the territory of its clients.

The Vesuvian villas, distributed throughout the territory of Golden Mile, they are still today among the most characteristic and aesthetically satisfying elements of the city.

Cosa vedere a Portici: 7 attrazioni da non perdere
eighteenth-century villas in Corso Garibaldi, photo provided by the website http://www.pagine12.it/t/5160201342681088

What to see in Portici: The port of Granatello

The port of Granatello constitutes another point of great scenic beauty. Ancient borbonic portor, on which it stands out villa dell'Elboeuf (now under renovation), it is now one of the most evocative places in the city, especially at sunsetor. Not only history and culture: the Granatello is also one of the focal points of city nightlife, with its numerous restaurants e locals.

Cosa vedere a Portici: 7 attrazioni da non perdere
porto del Granatello, photo provided by the site https://www.raccontanapoli.com/portici/

What to see in Portici: The sanctuary of San Ciro and the other historic churches

It is also highly recommended to visit the historic churches of the city: not just the famous sanctuary of san Ciro, linked to a wonderful procession in honor of the saint, but also other historic churches, such as the church of Sant 'Antonio on via Università or the church of San Pasquale, located near the Granatello. Churches are an invaluable testimony of the historical memory of urban communities. Those of Portici are no exception, constituting an important point of attraction artistic and cultural for any visitor.

Cosa vedere a Portici: 7 attrazioni da non perdere
sanctuary of san Ciro

What to see in Portici: The palace

The palace of Portici is perhaps themost famous cultural attractiona of the city. It was wanted by Charles of Bourbon and remained patrimony of the royal family until fall of the dynasty. After the unification of Italy it became the seat of the direction University of Agriculture, still an institute today of excellence at the national level and beyond. The interests of the research activities were, however, incompatible with the conservation of cultural heritage of the palace.

This led to the (relatively recent) decision to make part of the palace spaces (generally the most beautiful ones, where the frescoes they stucco Bourbon) a new museum center, mainly focused on the history of the palace, which, during the 700 ', hosted most of the Pompeian and Herculaneum collections.

Cosa vedere a Portici: 7 attrazioni da non perdere
palace of Portici

What to see in Portici: The wood of Portici

Born together with the palace at the behest of Charles of Bourbon the wood of Portici is an almost unique green space in the Vesuvius area, saved from the building boom of the second post-war period since property of the University of Agriculture. It is the lung of the entire city. For access to the public, it is divided into upper wood (accessible from the palace, at via Università) and lower wood (accessible from Corso Umberto I).

In the woods they can be admired rare and very ancient plants, often dating back to the Bourbon period, as well as truly fascinating historical monuments such as, for example, the "blockhouse”Of Ferdinand IV, a miniature fort where the king big nose, during his childhood, delighted in various military games.

Cosa vedere a Portici: 7 attrazioni da non perdere
Bosco di Portici, photo provided by the site https://www.napolidavivere.it/2018/04/07/reggia-portici-riapre-bellissimo-bosco-tante-nuovo-visite-al-complesso-borbonico/

What to see in Portici: The market

Another very area characteristic of the city is the market. As you can imagine, it is home to various economic activities. It is one of the ancient centers of the city, and it retains the appearance and characteristics of a building from almost all points of view typical Neapolitan market. Some stores even store furnishings and signs from the early 1900s.

Cosa vedere a Portici: 7 attrazioni da non perdere
Portici Market, photo provided by the website http://www.pagine12.it/t/4852485457969152

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