donate your 5x1000
to stories of naples

tax code: 09901511213

it costs you nothing and you will support the culture

Thanks to your support we can keep alive the largest cultural promotion project in Campania, managed only by young people in the area.

Sostieni la divulgazione culturale con il 5x1000 a Storie di Napoli

what we will do with your support

Storie di Napoli has created, in a totally self-financed way:

For tax return or form 730

In the 5 × 1000 section of your tax return, space "Third Sector Entities registered in the RUNTS ..." 

write the tax code of Storie di Napoli APS: 09901511213


If you do not submit a declaration

You can donate 5 × 1000 by filling out the form provided together with the Single Certification, sent by your employer or pension institution. Deliver it for free to the post office or to a CAF or accountant. Write the tax code of Storie di Napoli APS: 09901511213

Sostieni la divulgazione culturale con il 5x1000 a Storie di Napoli

Frequent questions

It is the possibility of donating part of the taxes you will pay on income to a non-profit business. 

If you make a tax return, simply enter the tax code of the beneficiary association. If, on the other hand, you do not have to submit a declaration, just fill in the form together with the Single Certification. 

Absolutely no. The 5 × 1000 is a share of the taxes you already pay. 

No. The 5 × 1000 contribution is intended only for non-profit associations.

To support your religious belief or a political party, there are 8 × 1000 and 2 × 1000, which are different options that can be freely filed. 

They are all different types of donations. 
L‘8×1000 it is intended for the State or for religious denominations; the 2×1000 to political parties. 
The 5×1000 it is intended for associations. You can support us without problems by simply indicating our tax code: 09901511213

If you sign without indicating the Tax Code, the funds of the 5 × 1000 will be distributed among all the associations that have received more preferences.

If you want to support us, it is very important to correctly indicate the tax code of Storie di Napoli: 09901511213

Tax declaration: from the 2 May to 30 June 2022. Online the deadline is by November 30, 2022.
Model 730:
by 30 September 2022. 

Talk to your accountant to always be informed about the correct tax deadlines!

Sostieni la divulgazione culturale con il 5x1000 a Storie di Napoli

who we are

Stories of Naples is the largest cultural initiative in Italy engaged in the promotion of the territory of a region. We are 15 young people from Campania who research, tell and spread forgotten stories of the region through online and local initiatives.

Find out more by following us on our website and on our social networks!

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