by Federico Quagliuolo

You are the pride of Campania.
Let's tell it together.

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Welcome to the largest regional network in Italy

Stories of Naples tells the culture, history and all that is beautiful about Campania to the whole world since 2014. 

We have a perfectly sectorialized audience for your business to promote in the area. 

  • 10 million unique readers on the website
  • 300,000 subscribers to our social channels
  • 300 video content produced
  • 2500 newsletter subscribers


Let's bring your name together in the public


Banner Stories of Naples

Banner on newsletters, articles and online publications. Wherever you want to be noticed.


Video services

We will tell about your excellence with a video dedicated exclusively to you and your story. Also included is the publication of an article and posts on social media. The perfect package for you.



Your advertisement in our biannual magazine. Forever in the hands of readers!


Social direct

Every week, with the journalist Yuri Buono, we interview the excellences of Campania live on social. We tell what makes you special.



Do you have a story to tell? Let's find out together by promoting your business.


Protagonist of the live broadcast

Every month, together with professor Amedeo Colella, we explore areas of Naples and Campania, telling their story. Let's go right to you!

We put our face on it

Storie di Napoli is a group of content creators, journalists and communication professionals in the web and cultural fields. The entire business is managed by the same people with whom you will interface: no web agency, no intermediaries: we are all from Campania and we are here for you. 

Pubblicità su Storie di Napoli

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