Le origini del Sartù di riso

by Lidia Vitale

Il sarù di riso è un classico della cucina napoletana.


“O 'heated rice was na zoza
Made SARTÙ, it's all a thing
But what pizza and rice, timbale here!
Stu sartù is a miracle, it's a high.
Ueuè, I swear to you 'ncopp'a whoever you want:
it is better than pasta c'o rraù! ".


Le origini del Sartù di Riso

It is known that the Neapolitan, whether poor or rich, wants the dish at the table to be tasty.
Così, quando verso il XIV secolo dalle navi aragonesi arrivò per la prima volta il riso a Napoli, non fu accolto con grande consenso.
“And what a king stu RINSE? ”, This is how the cereal was defined, due to its slightly insipid flavor.
Even by Salerno doctors it was used for treat gastrointestinal diseases (it was the time of cholera and other epidemics).
Thus it was that the rice was exported elsewhere, where it could be grown.

Caso volle che quando successivamente i Bourbons vennero a capo delle due Sicilie, portarono gli chef da casa loro. I così detti “Monzù"(In this way the French" Monsieur "was crippled and" Neapolitanized ").
These great cooks tried in every way to make the cereal pleasant and suitable for noble tables, and for this they took advantage of the classic ingredients of Neapolitan cuisine. First of all a little "pummarola”To make it tasty and colorful, and then what else he could embellish the taste: meat, peas, hard-boiled eggs, sausage, cheese and so on.
To change its aesthetics too, which, if you want to say the opposite, has its role, they hid all these additions, making the plate a sort of centerpiece, in French "sur-tout“, Then adapted to SARTÙ.

The dish was accepted with joy by rich and poor, soon becoming part of the heritage of Neapolitan cuisine, mainly on holidays, being a rather demanding preparation.

-Lidia Vitale

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