Green Pride 2021, Stories of Naples awarded as Campania excellence

by Chiara Sarracino

Storie di Napoli received the Green Pride 2021 award, as an example of best practice for tourism.

This is a immense honor, as well as a recognition of great value: it is part of the event Opera 2030, a fantastic Open Day organized by UniVerde foundation chaired by the volcanic Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio.

Premio Green Pride 2030
The Green Pride 2021 award, with all the winners and speakers

A gathering of extraordinary men

Just see the list of speakers to understand the prestige of the event. From Maurizio De Giovanni to Gaetano Manfredi, passing through Andrea Zagato, CEO of Influgramer, arriving at Flavia Sorrentino and many other names that represent all the best that our country has to offer. We were among the giants!

Premio green Pride 2030 Storie di Napoli
our prize

Green Pride 2021, an award for sustainable tourism

The prize Green Pride was withdrawn from ours Federico Quagliuolo, who is the founder of Storie di Napoli. For the occasion we have presented our website, showing numbers, results and future prospects for a success in Campania tourism. We can proudly say we are the number one in Italy.

Being visionaries means networking - explained our Federico Quagliuolo - and we see the future just like that, like an immense collective intelligence managed by individuals who work for their own territory“.

It is essential that the future administration of Naples and the state invest heavily in the digital skills of the new generation to train and coordinate professionals, otherwise we will have only improvised and warring operators.
It is in fact the technique and the quality that make the difference in the narration of the territory. And culture, as well as tourism, are the heritage of the community“.

Storie di Napoli risultati
The numbers of Stories of Naples

However, "If you don't work for your dream, you will work to build someone else's": This very phrase prompted us to abandon our work to dedicate ourselves only to Stories of Naples during the very hard lockdown of 2020. In the end we decided to walk the very difficult road of making it alone. The results came quickly.
And it is for this reason that Green Pride will go to that whole generation of young people that, just like us, throughout Italy is working to enhance its territory with innovative startups with competence, professionalism and quality.

For now, let's say it proudly: with Stories of Naples the innovation in historical disclosure starts from Campania.

On Radio Radicale the complete streaming of the intervention.

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