The Path of the Gods: towards Olympus

by Laura d'Avossa

"Starting right from the Path of the Gods from that road suspended over the magical Gulf of the Sirens, still plowed today by memory and myth."
Italo Calvino

About 8 kilometers long, the Path of the Gods extends from the locality of Bomerano (fraction of Agerola) to that of Nocelle (Positano), in the middle of the Amalfi Coast and it was for years the only connection between the villages of the place, before the construction of the Coastal Road by the Bourbons.

sentiero degli dei

Today it is home to many excursions for fans of trekking, but also for those who, not particularly experienced, albeit with due attention, decide to set out for more than two hours, through steep but not excessively winding roads, and enjoy a day outdoors in what is considered one of the most fascinating itineraries in the world.
Walking along it means encountering breathtaking landscapes, admiring the gulf of Salerno, see i Faraglioni of Capri and recognize from afar Punta Campanella, moreover immersed in the uncontaminated nature that invades the path and makes it even more suggestive.
In fact, we are surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub: fig, rosemary and myrtle, the sacred plant to Venus which is said to have hid behind its leaves to escape a satyr.

Il Sentiero degli Dei: verso l'Olimpo

The Path of the Gods: ancient stories

But Venus is not the only divine creature said to inhabit this path. It is no coincidence that its name "of the Gods" has very ancient Greek origins and is closely linked to mythology. The route, in fact, overlooks thearchipelago of Li Galli, place where Ulysses he faced the sirens with their seductive song. To escape their music, the hero ordered his crew to plug their ears with wax, while he, tied to the mast, could listen to it without being able to give in to the temptation to dive into the sea.

Legend has it that the gods, observing the scene from Olympus, decided to help the sailor, but going down to Earth they took the wrong road, so, running from the archipelago back to their heavenly home, they crossed our path with their steps.
No wonder, therefore, if walking along it seems to be in a heavenly place, it is precisely the road to Olympus.

Laura d'Avossa

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