“The Veiled Son” by Iago, from New York to Naples

by Laura d'Avossa

It was the masterpiece of Sanmartino The Veiled Christ to inspire The Veiled Son there
sculpture by Jacopo Cardillo, aka Iago.
We are in the Basilica of San Severo al Health District in front of a sculpture in which the face of Christ is not glimpsed under the marble veil but the silhouette of a child.

"Il Figlio Velato"di Jago, da New York a Napoli
“The Veiled Son”, the magnificent work of Iago

The Veiled Son deliberately takes up the term "veiled" and the compositional effect of Christ but with a completely new meaning.
A demanding and ambitious work to the point that the young artist had to move to New York so as to obtain the means to make it happen. Finally, when he returned to Naples he wanted to donate it to the public. To do so, however, he needed support. In fact, Jago requested offers with the aim of reaching the total amount of 100,000 euros and thus avoiding selling his sculpture to a private individual.
"The minimum donation is only ten euros, like a pack of cigarettes, only it doesn't go up in smoke but remains forever"
So he says in a video he posted on his social networks.
The names of all those who would have made a financial contribution to this undertaking would appear on the sculpture.
The son Velato has thus become a collective work of art, the signatures of those who made it possible are engraved on the plate as promised.

The inauguration of "The Veiled Son"

Opened on 21 December 2019, it is exhibited at the Chapel of the Whites at the Basilica of San Severo outside the walls. The location seems (for the homonomy of the two places) a further reference to the Veiled Christ guarded, instead, to the Sansevero Chapel in the historic center.
However, if the meaning of Sanmartino's work is purely religious, that of the veiled son is different.
The reclining child covered entirely by a veil is probably lifeless and represents all the innocent young victims of our time. Without hint of violence or cruelty, Iago wants to show the result of ongoing wars and killings. It is the sweet and raw representation of a ruthless and current reality, often underestimated, but which needs to be shown.
In his videos Jago explains:
“This is the veiled child, a child who is a symbol of enormous suffering, but also a hope that all this does not happen again. The truth is that art will not be able to change events, it will not be able to stop atrocities, but it can take the side of beauty, it can evoke a brotherhood "

"Il Figlio Velato"di Jago, da New York a Napoli
The Veiled Son of Iago

Laura d'Avossa

photographs from the official Instagram and Facebook pages of Jago

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