by Federico Quagliuolo

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the Campania

Stories of Naples is the largest community in Italy of regional cultural dissemination.

We were born in 2014 from an idea of Federico Quagliuolo and today we are a group of young communication professionals in the cultural field.

We tell and research the stories of Campania with competence, professionalism and clarity. 

bells stories

The first cultural magazine of the Campania Region. In 72 pages, every six months, we tell with exclusive reports the history, culture and everything that makes us proud to live in this region. 

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Che facciamo?

Let's make the cities talk

historical plaques

We want to leave a historical legacy, bring stories from books to the streets. 

License plates are a tremendous hit in terms of DIY tourism, with visible landmarks that stimulate the curiosity of residents and visitors. They are also excellent points of interest for guided tours, as evidenced by the fizz of activity in the Borgo degli Orefici. 

In short, through culture everyone wins: sponsors, shops that host the plaques and the history of the city. 

We have currently mounted 50 throughout Naples: Vomero, Borgo Orefici and Capodimonte. 

More coming soon!

stories to read

Stories of Naples published 4 books. The first two, collections of stories published in 2015 and 2017, are now out of production and have boasted a distribution of 7000 copies sold for the first e 5000 for the second. 

The new series, signed Neapolis Alma, inaugurated the thematic editions. 
In 2019 we published our children's book, “The Enchanted Kingdom”. The book has had 4 reprints. 

In 2021 we published an in-depth study, in numbered copies, on the life of Enrico Caruso: “A hundred years on stage”. 

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