The true story of spaghetti alla Nerano, between family and territory

by Imma Galluccio

The primacy of spaghetti alla Nerano must be recognized at restaurant Maria Grazia". The historic restaurant, set in the magnificent setting of the Sorrento peninsula, carry on from ben five generations there true and the most ancient recipe for this dish. Born from the culinary fantasy of Pink Woman and from the pretensions of a rich noble, for years was mocked: but the international success he soon arrived for this delicacy, topped with fried zucchini and cheese scraps.

La vera storia degli spaghetti alla Nerano, tra famiglia e territorio

The history of the Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano

The restaurant "Maria Grazia”Is one of the most historic places in Maria del Cantone, the wonderful natural bay of Nerano, whose walls date back to 1800. Initially it was a 'humble inn, where i fishermen they found refreshment after returning from the sea. Own Maria Grazia cooked for all of them, but above all for her husband, tired among those who had just finished their day of fishing. It was Rose, daughter of Maria Grazia, to start the real restaurant business, giving the place the mom's name.

Maria Grazia”Is the first restaurant in Nerano and probably in the whole of Sorrento peninsula. Located on the bay of Nerano, it was difficult to get there by land, in fact you had to take one country lane which led to the sea, while more customers rich they reached the restaurant with theirs luxurious boats.

La vera storia degli spaghetti alla Nerano, tra famiglia e territorio

Spaghetti alla Nerano: born from the wishes of a noble

Pink Woman began with few tables, carried by the arm to the bay, and a small vegetable garden in which he produced the necessary for the day. The clientele of the restaurant was mostly noble and one of his most loyal customers was Pupetto Caravita of Sirignano, a nobleman who owned a luxurious villa in the neighboring area island of Capri.

At the time, they ate simple dishes and above all of tradition; the focus was mostly on the quality of the ingredients fresh freshly picked ea zero kilometer. One day, Pupetto, who used to go into the kitchens of the restaurant, told Donna Rosa that he would be hosting a friend of hers, Moet Chardon, and for the occasion he had expressed the desire to create a new plate. Donna Rosa promptly went to to assemble what would later become the famous spaghetti alla Nerano.

A simple recipe and with very few ingredients, which create an explosion of flavors at the first forkful. Fried zucchini, cheese and basil scraps just enough that, mixed with the starch of the pasta, they tie in a way sublime, so much so that that dish is from fifties, undeterred, on the menu of the restaurant "Maria Grazia".

La vera storia degli spaghetti alla Nerano, tra famiglia e territorio

A symbolic dish of Campania

The Spaghetti Alla Nerano I'm a poor dish and Donna Rosa came initially derided by her fellow villagers, who used to repeat to her: "Rosnell va 'fa e spaghetti ch'e cuccuzziell“, As if it were a one thing little snobbish. She, despite the mockery, he continued to propose it, leaving aside the chat about the country and going to perfect and pass on in the family what was his recipe.

Spaghetti alla Nerano made world famous also the place from which they take their name, but the success of this dish is due to the fact that everyone agrees, young and old, based on simple ingredients that they like together. No secret recipe, everyone knows the ingredients for a good plate of spaghetti alla Nerano, but how they are eaten at "Maria Grazia", they are not eaten anywhere else.

Everything is in the manual skills that is it handed down for generations, in fact, the cook in the restaurant's kitchens only cooks the pasta, but assembly of the dish can only be made by one of the family. It's in this sort of rituality and inattachment to family traditions, which the Nerano of "Maria Grazia" is different from all replicas.

Family union, love that's there for the territory and the careful selection of the ingredients, make spaghetti alla Nerano recognizable in the world, so much so that there are very few recipes we really know about the origin and the true story like this. Why behind each dish that we carry on our tables we can find again years and years by ancient traditions e stories incredible to tell.


A special thanks goes to Mrs. Rosa who was as helpful as she was kind to tell the story of her family.

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