How many cities are called "Naples" in the world?

by Leonardo Quagliuolo

The name of Naples has always been on the lips of the whole world for the numerous characteristics, traditions and stories that have made it famous: the food, the views that change from neighborhood to neighborhood, the thousand rumors, good and bad, about the its inhabitants. Nevertheless, Naples is not the only existing Naples! On the contrary, there are several around the world and they are all very different from each other. Here are some of them.

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Napoli nel mondo

United States of America

The example that perhaps stands out the most is the beautiful one Naples in United States of America, on the coast of Florida, in Collier County. Its origins are very ancient (certainly not as much as the original ...), like Native American settlement. Starting from 1513 the conquistador Spanish Juan Ponce de Leòn began a conflict with the indigenous inhabitants that one would have continued for the next two centuries with great resistance on their part, not willing to give up their land, until, in the 1700s, the "American Indians"They ceded the territory to the better armed and organized English.

The November 6, 1886, the Confederate general and then Senator John Stuart Williams founded Naples, so called because, according to him, the sea air, the beautiful climate and the luxuriant local nature it reminded him of the beauties of the coasts of southern Italy.

Napoli, Florida
One of the beaches in Naples, Florida. Very different from the original Naples

Since then it has expanded to become, to date, a holiday city with about 22,000 inhabitants and splendid residential areas, as well as some squared and regular road networks, as per American tradition, which separate pretty villas surrounded by trees.

Napoli, Florida
Aerial view of part of the coast of Naples, Florida from Google Maps.

There are other Naples: all in the hinterland of the State of Idaho, Maine and that of New York (with whose capital we share the same parallel). That of Maine, in particular, overlooks two lakes. There are also Neapolis in Ohio and Tennessee, also in the hinterland of their state.


Even up there in Canada there is a Naples, but this time the location is definitely less inviting of the Florida variant: it is a very small agglomeration of houses in the middle of the countryside. Let's face it, it doesn't do justice to the name it bears!


This is not a real city: Napoles is a modern neighborhood of the huge Mexican capital, Mexico City, adjacent to the more well-known neighborhood Rome.


Give it ancient founders of the city, to which we owe the name, actually not very original, of "New city“, It was to be expected that they would re-propose homonymous cities in their homeland! There is also a neighborhood in Athens with this name. In the territory of "Magna Graecia", It was called"Neapolis"The area of Syracuse, in Sicily, on which the part of the Roman city would later be founded and where today an interesting archaeological area can be visited.

Neapolis, Grecia
One of the Greek Neapolis, in Crete.


There is even a Neapolis in Russia, near Simferopol, which is one of the most distant scenarios from our idea of Naples, albeit a worthy competitor for antiquity: well, even in this case the name is to be understood as the Greeks had thought it, a settlement "New", at least for the time, about III century BC. From the "Scythian Neapolis”Russian few ruins remain.

Although all these cities share the name with Naples, this city remains, for better or for worse, unique and inimitable. It has been tempered by the millennial history and by the irreducible character of its citizens, which have contributed to making it what it is and which makes it so famous.

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