Do you want to discover new places or are you simply curious to know the history of your home? Stories of Naples created the first "Google maps of stories", free and freely explorable.

Our database currently matters more than 1200 stories of palaces, castles, details and plaques: the time has come summarize everything in one map.

He thought about it Nicola De Innocentis, engineer and expert in historical cartography, creating a work of immense proportions, which required weeks of study and work to place our 6 years of publications.

The stories are cataloged with different types of icons, each refers to the content of the story: from the forks that talk about cooking to the characters, who instead indicate biographies of people who lived or were born in the places told.

Our work is still at the beginning: the map is periodically updated with all our new publications.

The map of the Stories of Campania

Click on the image to open the map: immerse yourself in all the stories of your land! From your smartphone or computer, just zoom in on the area you prefer. Click on the point you are interested in and you can read the linked article on our site: very simple!

mappa di Storie della Campania

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Stories of Naples to overcome the borders of a region

Many have asked us: "why are you called Stories of Naples, if you also tell stories from other provinces? "
The group was born in 2014, among high school students who wanted to tell about their city. We soon realized that Naples should not be told only within its borders and in its tourist monuments, but it should be understood as symbol of an entire territory closely connected with the province, in turn tied to the whole of Europe.

Once the inhabitants of all of Southern Italy were generically called "Neapolitans": we are convinced that it is necessary rediscover the pride of being southern without historical or political claims and, above all, without unnecessary races for the primates. There culture is friendship, dialogue, connection between territories: fromAustria to the Greeks to the Veneto, passing through the East and touching all the peoples who have passed here in 3000 years of history. Everyone left a trace, everyone made us the "Neapolitans”Today, without distinction between city and province.
And a map to explore is the most fun way to go begin a treasure hunt to rediscover the Campania region and its links with the whole of Europe.

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