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Stories of Naples is the largest cultural reference website. Here is the press review of our activities updated periodically, where we report the newspapers that have honored us with interviews, news and news related to our activities.

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Domenico Fontana, the Ticino man who changed the face of Naples, RSI, Swiss Radiotelevision, 5/12/2020
Pietro Bianchi, the Ticino architect with the heart of an archaeologist (video interview), TV Switzerland, 23/5/2021
Reportage on Scampia - De Standaard - 1/5/2022
Reportage on Scampia - NRC - 22/5/2022

Press review National newspapers:

"Stories of Naples": the social phenomenon in search of legends becomes a book - Il Mattino - 21/12/2015
Stories of Naples: from a successful Facebook page to a book on the stories of the city - La Repubblica - 21/12/2015
Stories of Naples and surroundings in Melito - Road TV Italy - 1/4/2016
"The Stories of Naples to transmit to the children the love for their roots" - - 27/5/2016
Stories of Naples in the alleys of time. The new book - Il Denaro - 26/4/2017
Stories of Naples, education to curiosity - Inform Online - 27/7/2017
Stories of Naples: a viral tale that has become a web phenomenon - Inchostro Online - 23/10/2019
Naples, historic plaques unveiled at Borgo Orefici - AgCult - 12/7/2020
Stories of Naples: "Finding the symbols of the city in Neapolitan sport" - Italian Women's Soccer - 9/9/2020
Stories of Naples, the web portal with 10 million clicks - Corriere del Mezzogiorno - 14/4/2021
Naples: cultural itinerary at Borgo Orefici with 25 plaques - ANSA - 25/5/2021
Naples, the rebirth of Borgo Orefici: 25 plaques of local history - National Daily - 25/5/2021
The ancient Borgo Orefici will be the first talking district of Naples - Preziosa Magazine 5/26/2021
Naples, "Il Vomero speaks": twenty plaques tell the story of the neighborhood - Il Mattino - 21/11/2021
Stories of Naples, The Enchanted Kingdom, the book that speaks to children - 5/12/2021
The largest regional community was born with a Vespa ride around Naples - Il Roma - 3/4/2022
Ten young people tax themselves to create the first magazine of the region - ANSA - 28/6/2022
Ten young people tax themselves and produce the region's first magazine - Il Sole 24 Ore - 6/28/2022
Campania, 10 young people produce the first cultural magazine of the region - Alanews - 28/6/2022
"Storie campane", the new magazine that tells and photographs the territory - Corriere del Mezzogiorno - 8/7/2022
“Storie campane”, the new magazine that tells and photographs the territory - La Repubblica - 8/7/2022
Here comes “Storie Campane”, a new magazine that tells the territory - Il Mattino - 8/7/2022
Storie di Napoli, premiati gli autori della pagina che racconta la città – Il Mattino – 30/9/2022
Storie di Napoli regala due targhe a Piazza Quattro Giornate – Il Mattino – 5/11/2022
“Pinna stregata da Palazzo Venezia” – Zazoom – 23/2/2023

Press review of local newspapers:

“Stories of Naples: a photographic project to fall in love with the city” is born - Info Oggi - 4/6/2014
Genoa and Naples, five centuries of friendship and history in common in a Neapolitan blog - Genovaè - 23/8/2015
Stories of Naples reveals the mysteries of the city - Terre di Campania - 11/3/2016
"Stories of Naples and ... surroundings" - Melitoweb - 31/3/2016
Stories of Naples, also an islander among illustrators - - 8/4/2016
The world Bridge: the charm of Naples enchants New York - CapriEvent - 17/11/2016
Stories of Naples: a wonderful love story - Naples ZON - 11/29/2016
Stories of Naples, a blog of short stories for those who love Naples - Napolistories - 2/2/2017
The presentation of the book "Stories of Naples" - Amalfinotizie - 10/3/2017 will start on March 17
Stories of Naples in the alleys of Time: 30 young people in love tell the city - Il Roma - 26/4/2017
In Naples 11 historical plaques unveiled in the Borgo Orefici - Chronicles of Campania - 11/7/2020
Culture - Historical plaques unveiled in the goldsmith village of Naples - Campania Information - 12/7/2020
Stories of Naples - The Enchanted Kingdom. The third book - 41st parallel - 11/11/2020 is coming in December
Stories of Naples, the third book is coming in December. An artistic work designed for the little ones - 41st parallel - 11/11/2020
“The enchanted kingdom. Neapolitan stories and legends ”written by Storie di Napoli - MyDreams - 08/02/2021
Stories of Naples launches the first fundraiser to create 50 historic plaques at Vomero - Chronicles of Campania - 12/4/2021
Vomero, 50 plaques to tell the story to citizens and tourists - Napoliclick - 13/4/2021
The Talking District was born in Naples: tourist route to Borgo Orefici - NapoliToday - 26/5/2021
Wine, sea, environment and history: “Wine & Kayak in Posillipo” - Repubblica Napoli - 27/6/2022
"The Alto district of Naples was born thanks to an intuition of Ferlaino" - Areanapoli - 27/6/2022
Ten young people tax themselves to give birth to the region's first magazine - Gazzetta di Parma - 28/6/2022
Ten young people tax themselves to create the region's first magazine - Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno - 28/6/2022
Storie Campane, the new magazine that tells the territory - Gazzetta di Salerno - 7/7/2022
Storie di Napoli regala due targhe a Piazza Quattro Giornate – Napolitoday – 5/11/2022

Television press review:

"Enhancing the Borgo Orefici" - TG8 of 12/7/2020
The Enchanted Kingdom: Beatrice Morra at Mattina 9 - Canale 9 of 5/12/2020
Bell stories on Gwendalina TV - 6/6/2022

Radio press review:

Beautiful Neapolitans - Broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday evenings of Radio CRC from 12/2018 to 4/2020
Interview on Radio RTL 102.5 - 11/29/2020

Press review of paper newspapers:

"Plaques and kisses to tell Naples" - Corriere del Mezzogiorno of 12/7/2020
Borgo Orefici, the story told in plates - Il Mattino of 12/7/2020
Borgo Orefici, unveiled the tourist plates of Stories of Naples - Il Roma of 12/7/2020
"Alleys and Stories - Grandfather's tales" - La Repubblica of 10/3/2020
Cannavale lavender is back, which made De Sica's head spin - Corriere del Mezzogiorno - 31/3/2021
"I'll tell you about Picasso who peed in the gallery" Here's Stories of Naples - Corriere del Mezzogiorno - 14/4/2021
Stories of Naples, fundraising starts - Il Roma - 21/4/2021
Tourist Route with historical plaques - Il Roma - 27/5/2021
De Standaard - Belgium - 1/5/2022


The World Bridge: the shots of Stories of Naples on display in New York - 19/10/2016
Stories of Naples Maps: all the stories of the city on one map - Nicola De Innocentis

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